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Coastal Zone Management Area. This polygon represents the area along the Delaware Coast that lies in the management area. Rules and laws apply to the Coastal Zone Area that do not apply elsewhere. Metadata Data
This file depicts the land and water boundaries of the State of Delaware. This information is a combination of the following files: 1997 DelDOT state boundary, 2000 TIGER files county boundaries, NOAA Nautical Charts for Delaware River and Bay and the Atlantic Approach. This area includes the traditional landward boundaries of the State and the waters including the 12 mile circle described from New Castle and extended to the low water mark on the eastern side of the Delaware River and extending below the 12 mile circle with the middle of the shipping channel through the Delaware River and Bay and extending to the Atlantic Ocean and including those waters of the territorial sea which are in direct contact with the coast of Delaware, extending from the line of ordinary low water seaward for a distance of 3 geographical miles. This definition shall include any waters beyond the 3 mile mark as authorized by Federal Law. Metadata Data
NPDES- National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Discharge pipes for industrial, municipal, and some industrial storm water discharges to surface waters. Regulated under the NPDES program. Metadata Data
Delaware Watersheds with Major and Minor Basins. Metadata Data
Statewide Wetland Mapping Project (SWMP) for New Castle County, Delaware. Metadata Data
Statewide Wetland Mapping Project (SWMP) for Kent County, Delaware. Metadata Data
Statewide Wetland Mapping Project (SWMP) for Sussex County, Delaware. Metadata Data
Statewide Wellhead Protection Areas. Metadata Data
Statewide Excellent Recharge Areas. Metadata Data

Other layers are available through the Delaware DataMIL.

  • Municipal Boundaries
  • Land Use/Land Cover
  • DelDOT Road Centerline
  • DelDOT Railroads
  • DNREC Watersheds
  • Boundary Monuments
  • Vertical Elevations
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Digital Elevation Model Hillshade
  • Hydrography (Water)
  • Hypsography (Elevation)
  • Boundaries
  • Surface Cover
  • Geographic Names(GNIS)
  • Roads and Trails
  • Railroads
  • Miscellaneous Features
  • Digital Raster Graphics

Disclaimer: This database includes information on potential, possible, and known contaminant source sites and on ambient environmental monitoring sites in the state of Delaware. The information contained in this database is summarized from DNREC's files and is provided as a service by the Department. Additional information is available on most sites from the contact program listed with each site. DNREC makes no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the information in this database.