Valero Petroleum Refinery - Delaware City
Street address: Delaware City Refinery, Delaware City, DE 19706 US, Facility type: Chemical Plant

Enforcement Action
Public Number: 2018-12408
Name: N/A
Type: Other Enforcement Action Type Formal
Start Date: 3/5/2018
Served Date: 3/5/2018
Status: Concluded
Agency Name: Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Comments: Settlement Agreement between DNREC and the Delaware City Refining Company for violations of NPDES Permits DE0000256 and DE0050601 and 7 Del. C. Chapter 60. DCRC was issued an administrative penalty of $118,000.00 with a cost recovery of $7,433.19. DCRC was approved to offset $88,000 of the penalty for an EIP that was approved by DNREC. DCRC must remit payment of $30,000.00 for penalty payment, $7,888.19 for cost recovery payment, and provide proof of a minimum of $88,000.00 for the EIP.