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Delaware City Refining Company - Delaware City
Street address: Delaware City Refinery, Delaware City, DE 19706 US, Facility type: Other

Program ID
Name Used By Program
7-000283Praxair, Inc.Aboveground Storage Tanks
7-000479Veolia Red Lion SARAboveground Storage Tanks
E168Veolia Red Lion Sulfuric Acid Regneration PlantAccidental Release Prevent
1000300393Delaware Clean Energy ProjectAir Program
1000300673Veolia (Chemours Company Red Lion)Air Program
DEN201000006Delaware City Refining CompanyHazardous Waste Generator
DER000502138Veolia Red Lion PlantHazardous Waste Generator
3516Coke Barn for Delaware City Refining CoLand Development Erosion Control
1234Red Lion SAR PlantLand Development Erosion Control
0248TSD PadLand Development Erosion Control
Not AssignedVeolia RS Red Lion Sulfuric Acid Regneration PlantNon-Septic Injection Wells
9-000001Texaco Claymont Refinery Non-Tank Related Petro.ImpactNon-Tank Related Petroleum Impact
7-000015Delaware City RefineryPetroleum Vapor Recovery
BUD #36Motiva Enterprise, LLC (Fly Ash Pond)Solid Waste Beneficial Use
Not AssignedDelaware City Refinery - Delaware City Refining Co.-Dredge Su ApprovalWetlands - Basic Application
Not AssignedDelaware City Refinery - Dredging - Delaware City Refining Company, LLCWetlands - Basic Application
Not AssignedDelaware City Refinery - Lease - Dleaware City Refining CompanyWetlands - Basic Application
Not AssignedDelaware City Refinery - Premcor Refining Group, Inc.Wetlands - Basic Application
Not AssignedDelaware City Refinery - Premcor- SUWetlands - Basic Application
Not AssignedMotivaWetlands - Basic Application
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Disclaimer: This database includes information on potential, possible, and known contaminant source sites and on ambient environmental monitoring sites in the state of Delaware. The information contained in this database is summarized from DNREC's files and is provided as a service by the Department. Additional information is available on most sites from the contact program listed with each site. DNREC makes no representation as to the completeness or accuracy of the information in this database.