Facility on 3-35-08.00-0009.00
Street address: New Road, Lewes, DE 19958 US, Facility type: Other

Permit name: Peter, Jerry
Permit number: 267708
Program: Well
Permit type: Well Permit
Permit type description: Well Permits
Permit status: Under Review
Permit start date: 10/14/2019
Permit expires: N/A
Permit for: N/A
Permit description: N/A
Permittee name as issued: N/A
Permit comment: N/A
Issued by: N/A
Issued to: Peter, Jerry
DNREC project officer: N/A
Permittee contact: N/A
Permit Events
Event Date
10/14/2019Location Review N/A
10/14/2019Application Received N/A
10/14/2019Well Type Event Completed N/A
10/14/2019Proposed Construction Review N/A
10/23/2019Placed on Hold Pending approval from the city of lewes
1/7/2020Released from Hold See letter of denial from City of Lewes